What we do?

How the Agency functions

RAL is a provincial infrastructure delivery state-owned company registered as a statutory body established under an Act of Parliament, the Limpopo Province Roads Agency Proprietary Limited and Provincial Roads Act 7 of 1998, as amended. RAL started operating in 1999/2000 financial year. Its main functions are planning, designing, construction, maintaining and controlling of the provincial road network. It owns and manages provincial roads infrastructure that fall within the provincial road network

This is a section within RAL that is responsible for the planning and designing of all provincial roads approved for construction and maintenance.
This is the section within RAL that is responsible for managing all construction activities which include amongst others:

- Project supervision and management

- Safety, health and environmental management
Maintenance of roads is categorised into two divisions:

- Routine maintenance which deals with routine activities such as patching of potholes and cutting of grass.

- Preventative maintenance which includes rehabilitation of damaged roads.