Roads Agency Limpopo (RAL)

RAL is a provincial infrastructure delivery state-owned company registered as a statutory body established under an Act of Parliament, the Limpopo Province Roads Agency Proprietary Limited and Provincial Roads Act 7 of 1998 (RAL Act), as amended. The Agency has been registered in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008.

  • Location: 26 Rabe Street, Polokwane, 0700
RAL started operating in 1999/2000 financial year. Its main functions are planning, designing, construction, maintaining and controlling of the provincial road network. It owns and manages provincial road infrastructure that fall within the provincial road network.
  • RAL's MANDATE The mandate of RAL is clearly set out in Section 25 of the RAL Act 7 of 1998 as amended. The main functions and responsibilities of the Agency are to perform: All the planning, designing, construction, management, controlling and maintenance of provincial roads for the Limpopo Province.
  • RAL’s VISION Contributing to the socio economic development by connecting the people of Limpopo Province.
  • RAL’s MISSION To provide quality and sustainable provincial road infrastructure network for the economic development of Limpopo Province.
  • RAL’s VALUES The way we conduct ourselves and our business in pursuit of our vision and mission is underpinned and guided by the following corporate values:


We offer reliable, safe and economic road infrastructure


We will go an extra mile in serving our communities


We remain accountable to all our stakeholders and the environment


We are transparent in both our internal and external business processes


We strive to exceed expectations


We value and embrace diversity within the work context


We work together for better roads


We are committed to delivering quality road infrastructure in the province

How the Agency works