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We build roads and bridges that help connect people.



We have a team of passionate and qualified engineers, contractors and project managers.

Our Vision

Contributing to the socio economic development by connecting the people of Limpopo Province.

Our Mission

To provide quality and sustainable provincial road infrastructure network for the economic development of Limpopo Province.



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RAL is responsible for over:

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Provincial Roads

RAL is responsible for over 20 000 km of Limpopo Provincial Roads. Out of this number, about 7000 km is tarred and 14000km is gravel or dirt.

Bridges constructed by RAL


RAL is responsible for the construction of bridges and culverts linking the Provincial Roads infrastructure of Limpopo Province. We continue to connect the five districts of the Limpopo Province

Our testimonials

What our clients think

Communities that use our roads and what they have to say about our work.

  • The reconstruction of two bridges has helped us in a number of ways. We are now able access a clinic in Block 18. Previously we could not access it, and now scholar transport and school kids can cross these two rivers even when it rains. Even businesses that we have here at Ga-Ntata are able to transport their goods to their customers in neighbouring villages.

    Juries MachabaphalaStudent, from Ga-Ntata.
  • The bridges that were here before were not of good quality, we really appreciate that RAL constructed high-quality bridges. These bridges help us a lot because it was just a deep hole here full of water when it rained, and we were unable to pass there, we had to use the Mpherehleng and Mokwakwaila road which is the long route to access the clinic and schools.

    Matome David TshwaleCommunity Member, from Mpepule
  • We were struggling without proper bridges, and many people drowned in the two rivers before, so the two bridges are very helpful because when we have funerals the hearses are able to pass and bring our corpse to the village. But we wish that they could extend this tar road to Bellevue so that they can also construct another bridge at Mamokgadi village because we struggle when we go to town.

    Sarah RaborokoCommunity Member, from Ga-Ntata
  • The two bridges in our village helped a lot, previously in rainy seasons we had to take the long road of Mpharahleng, and the transport was not accessible but now that we have the bridge and tar road things are very simple for us, we also appreciate the tar road, and we wish that it could be extended to reach Bellevue village.

    Thomas BaloyiEducator (at Ga-Kibi), from Ga-Ntata.
  • From 2010 the flood damaged bridge was an inconvenience because I could not pass on this road in rainy season to go to Ga-Ntata from Bellevue to run my business, but since 2018 I am able to pass here, and the business is running because I am able to transport the boilers, burglar doors and windows to my customers on time. The replacement of the bridge really benefitted us.

    Blessing MachiwanaSmall Business Owner (Ga-Ntata), from Zimbabwe
  • It’s a good road. We are happy with it. Since this road was upgraded, from gravel to tar, we now have easy access to public transport and ambulances now arrive quicker when we call them, unlike when it was gravel. Many community members got employed on this project which was a good thing as it empowered them. But, we wish it could proceed to Rotterdam village.

    Matimba Jeffrey MawilaCommunity Member, from Rotterdam
  • This road (D3205) has made a huge difference in our lives as a community; and I, and the community at large, appreciate the work done by RAL. We use this road when travelling between Polokwane to Giyani. Commuters get off here at Maphalle to get transport to their different villages because Maphalle is the centre and there is a taxi rank here. Taxis are now easily accessible and nobody complains about lack of transport these days.

    Thabo David RaseshuCommunity Member, from Ga-Maphalle
  • The upgrading of this road, from gravel to tar, has helped in growing our businesses. We now have more customers than before because this is a busy road, and there’s also a taxi rank here. Also, while they were upgrading the road they even build us shades to put our stock.

    Betty MakhubelaSmall Business Owner (Street Vendor), from Ga-Maphalle
  • I live in Blinkwater and I use public transport, mostly minibus taxis, to travel to school daily in Ximausa village using this road (D3820). I no longer arrive late at school because we now travel on a tarred road and we no longer struggle for taxis. It is a good road with well placed and visible signs, pedestrian crossing and speed humps next to our school.

    Happiness Mokgadi MokgobiPupil (N’wamavimbi Secondary School), from Blinkwater
  • We are happy that the lifespan of our taxis will be longer now because we use the tar road unlike before when it was gravel. But we still wish that RAL could also upgrade the road from Blinkwater to Senwamokgope because it is still gravel and is damaging our taxis. We also need this tar road from Maphalle to reach Sekgosese College to make our trips simple.

    Rodgers MitileniTaxi Driver (Rotterdam Taxi Association), from Rotterdam
  • We applaud RAL for the beautiful road. Since we started using this road we are saving a lot, unlike when it was gravel. Our trips to town are now simple and quick. These days we are no longer buying tyres for our taxis more often and even when it rains we are able to travel without being stuck in the mud because we are now using a tarred road.

    Percy MesoTaxi Driver (Bochum Taxi Association), from Ga-Machaba
  • I really enjoyed working on this project as I benefited a lot as a general worker. I acquired skills and experience from different type of jobs I did on site. I was also trained on safety, and calculating construction quantity, and I was awarded certificates that will help me find other employment. I thank RAL for that opportunity, and for the proper road infrastructure they brought to our community, which has changed our lives.

    Mokgadi Manaka Community Member (Labourer), from Indermark
  • We praise our government and the construction companies that worked on this project. It is well constructed, no complaints about it. Having a tar road now help us save a lot of time and money on fuel, because we used to travel 35 to 40 minutes from Indermark to Bochum, but now it’s only 15 minutes. I sometimes take longer trips to Venda and Louis Trichardt, and this road is the shortest road to use.

    Willy LebangTaxi Driver (Bochum Taxi Association), from Bosehla, Ga-Malebogo
  • As the small business owner who worked on the project, I am really thankful for the opportunity awarded to us, Maletlhare Trading and Projects, to do stone pitching. The experience that we gained on this project will help us grow our company. Though we had some challenges working there, we believe that we will learn from them and grab other opportunities going forward. The tar road will also benefit us business people.

    Eaglet MontjaSub-Contractor (Maletlhare Trading and Projects), from Indermark
  • This tar road has changed our lives for the better because now going to town is quicker and easy under any weather conditions. Previously when we went to Bochum and it rained while there, we had to wait for hours to allow the floods to go away before we could use the road again to come back home. Even our cars are always clean, and roadworthy, because we no longer use gravel road.

    Tryphina MajutaCommunity Member, from Marobjane
  • I’m very happy that we will no longer struggle during rainy seasons because it was very difficult to use this road from Marobjane to Ga-Machaba as it was just a river full of water. Our cars were not lasting three months without breakdowns because of gravel. We really appreciate the work done by RAL bringing us this high quality tar road. We wish they could do the same in other villages.

    Aaron MonyaiCommunity Member, from Marobjane
  • As a community member I am very happy that we now have a proper road. We will be able to access transport easily. This project also gave us employment opportunities because I am one of the people who never worked anywhere before but I got an opportunity here and I gained skills as a flag lady, I now know how to control traffic.

    Mokgadi Hellen LetshediLabourer (D1468 Road Project), from Ga-Machaba
  • We thank RAL for this tar road because we will now benefit more from our filling station, fast food and refreshment business which we operate right at the main road. More people will now use this road because it’s no longer gravel. Because of this tar road we are also upgrading our filling station and we now want it to operate 24 hours.

    Maria RaphashaBusinesswoman (Five To Seven Filling Station), from Avon village (Marobjane).
  • It’s a beautiful road and we really appreciate it, though we have waited many years for it. But besides that as a taxi driver I am happy that from now on our trips to Bochum town will be quick as we will no longer use the long Dendron road when it rained, and the lifespan of our taxis will also be long now.”

    Edwin ManabileTaxi Driver (Bochum Taxi Association), from Indermark
  • We really appreciate this road and we are very happy, because we use this road on a daily basis and it was very difficult when it was gravel, more especially in rainy season we were struggling to get to Bochum town. So, now that it’s tar road the lifespan of our taxis will be longer unlike before. And we won’t have breakdowns of taxis, and no more dust.

    Dalphos ChipuTaxi Operator (Bochum Taxi Association), from Ga-Machaba