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All current and future owners of advertising signs that are on or visible from provincial and district roads are required to register their advertising signs with immediate effect. As provided for in the Provincial Roads Act No 7 of 1998, all advertising signs owners are required to apply to the Roads Agency Limpopo (RAL) for approval before erecting such signs.

In August 2004, the MEC for Public Works promulgated regulations governing billboard advertising. The regulations affect all commercial advertisers and individuals, who depend on the proximity to or existence of provincial roads to advertise. The implementation of these regulations has been in effect since the 1st of November 2004.

What are the fees?
The following fees are applicable:

  • A R2000 application fee (Once off)
  • An approval fee depending on the size and location of the sign (Once off)
  • A monthly rental fee (Only applicable if on our road reserves)

How do I go about registering my advertising sign?
An application can be obtained from our offices or downloaded from our website at Additionally, an online application facility is also currently available.

What are the penalties if I fail to register my advertising sign?
All un-registered signs will be removed by an appointed contractor and all costs for storage, removal and any additional charges incurred by the agency will be carried by the owner of the advertising sign.

Do I have to register my sign if it is located on private property?
If the billboard is visible from Provincial or District roads then you will still have to submit an application for approval. However, since it is located on private property you will not be liable for rental charges. For more information, please contact the Land Use Management Unit at the under mentioned numbers or log onto Roads Agency Limpopo "Together for better roads"

Tel: 015 284 4600/02
Website address:

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