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Mission Vision and Core Values


RAL’S vision is to be:

  • Leading path for Limpopo’s sustainable growth.

RAL’S mission is to:

  • Provide sustainable roads infrastructure network;
  • Link the economic growth areas;
  • Spearhead the province through innovative leadership;
  • Be an enabling, supportive and learning organisation;
  • Be excellent and efficient in the culture of service delivery; and
  • Remain dedicated, ethical, responsive and proactive staff.

RAL’s vision and mission is supported by the following strategic goals for the next five years

  • To ensure effective road management
  • To expand revenue generation
  • To practice good corporate governance in terms of:

Legislative compliance,
Governance and organisational structure,
Ethical standards,
Risk management,

  • To effectively manage stakeholder relations
  • To develop effective organisational systems through:

Effective Human Resource Management and
Effective information management system

  • To support the Provincial Employment and Growth Development Strategy based on:

The creation of job opportunities through EPWPs,
The economic empowerment of SMME’s,  and Capacity Development


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